"I struggle not to roll my eyes when marketers tell me their target audience is Millennials. It is such a broad and generic term, like most traditional data parameters these days. No two people — even those of the same age, race, occupation, hometown, income, sexuality, and gender — will spend similarly. In fact, they might live completely different lifestyles. Segmentation is important for marketing, but far too often we rely on stereotypes to place people into narrow, neatly defined boxes.

Expecting a certain behavior because someone is from a group (e.g., single black women in their 30s) is an act of futility. But grouping people by behaviors — such as binge watchers, marathoners, or life stage-driven behavior groups such as new parents, homebuyers, pre-movers, etc. — enables solid conversion funneling, brilliant context-driven content, and quantifiable results.

We have more access than ever to better data and more sophisticated analytical tools, and it’s time for marketers to start using these correctly. Let's drop the stereotypes, unite people in more meaningful ways, and redefine the role of the brand/product in the customer's life."

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