RAPP Brazil, responsible for PEPSI’s® digital account, in partnership with Almap BBDO, has just conquered the Effies Brazil 2017 award in the Non-Alcoholic Beverages Category with the campaign that searched for a new voice for PEPSI® TWIST’s™ Lemon.

The agency developed the entire strategy and communication plan, as well as the rollout for the campaign on social networks. People who are famous for their catchphrases or unique voices, such as sports commentator Silvio Luís, TV presenters Sergio Mallandro and Nelson Rubens, and singer Anderson from pop group Molejo, were the candidates for voicing PEPSI® TWIST’s™ Lemon.

RAPP Brazil’s creative team was also responsible for developing activation actions. A sound recording booth was placed in a mall in São Paulo, and the public was invited to try and record their voices as PEPSI® TWIST’s™ Lemon.

“We are very happy with the award, as it is the recognition for the integrated work of two agencies. For this campaign, we could create actions which impacted PEPSI’s® consumers on diversified platforms in an orchestrated way,” commented André Pasquali, RAPP Brazil’s co-president.