In today’s world of remote working, it is vital that we make virtual meetings work for us. We are lucky to have platforms that help us maintain human connections, but somehow, for me, remote working has turned into almost back-to-back meetings. Last week, I estimated that I had little more than 20% of my time to work on actual tasks and projects.

We all need quality time to work and the space for innovative thinking, brainstorming or just to get away from the desk to our statutory once-a-day exercise outside. I strive to block off chunks of my work calendar so as not to allow anyone to slip in yet another meeting… but sometimes there is little choice but to move that ring-fenced time for my own work to attend yet another meeting.

So, I’ve resolved to find the best way to have the most effective meeting, assuming it needs to happen at all. Here are five ways to approach virtual meeting management.

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