Data buyer beware: agencies are starting to ditch complacent providers

"Ad agencies are rethinking their dealings with data providers. Data privacy regulations in Europe and California, along with third-party cookie clampdowns by Apple and Google, are driving agencies to scrutinize how data suppliers source their information and handle people’s privacy choices. Some are even ending data partnerships all together.

The data privacy currents have pressed companies to clean up their data collection and retention practices, such as by providing people with notice and choice before collecting their data as well as honoring people’s requests for companies to purge their person information. Nonetheless, some data providers have yet to be budged out of complacency, according to Richard Harris, data and analytics director at independent creative and performance agency Union. So agencies are taking action.

“There’s a lot of [data] providers that we have spoken to that haven’t made the shift yet,” said Harris. “They don’t have answers to our questions when we ask if they’re enabling opt-outs or elimination of data from third-party cookies.” The result is simple, said Harris: “If they don’t have that [opt-out] ability, they won’t become a long-term partner for us,” he said." 

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