The value of individualization in the new world of retail

"When you think of retail and Covid-19, you can't help but feel a sense of discomfort pretty much off the bat. Retail has been heavily hit in the middle of this pandemic, with high street stores and firms closing up, tourism going down and an overall decline in physical shopping spend, retailers have been struggling quite a lot since lockdowns started.

In this new normal for the retail industry, individualisation and humanity take the front stage, and it is now imperative more than ever to provide meaningful experiences for end customers of any retail brand. At last, it is time for retail to embrace the future... or perish trying to cling to its past.

We got in touch with Caroline Parkes, Chief Experience Officer at RAPP and Code, to learn more about the topic thanks to a recent survey the agency has conducted among consumers. Huge credits for the amazing header image go to Cassie Bendall, Richard Wood and their Cheddar Creative! Make sure to take a look at their profiles when you have a chance."

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